Thorpe Nerd Live

Fright Nights 2013

Join us on the 9th of October as we yet again return to Thorpe Park and take on their Fright Nights!

04:55 David

As most people lay asleep in their comfy beds, and the sun is not even contemplating on rising, the Live team are assembling once more to bring you the most up to date coverage of Fright Nights.

That's right the hour of 4am actually exists, here's undeniable proof. We're already on the move to Thorpe Park, so expect updates to start from the park before opening and then throughout the day.

Until then happy sleeping.

06:55 Robert

The five of us have now met up and we're on our way! We expect to arrive at the park just before opening time at 10:00.

Of course what we're most excited about today are the brand new scare mazes! In particular, we'll be able to provide video footage of the Blair Witch Project maze, and we have the next best thing for the rest; stay tuned to this evening to find out more!

08:13 Robert

Time for a quick greasy-breakfast stop just past Watford Gap! We'll be finished soon and then back on the road...

09:39 Robert

Guess where we've arrived to?

09:43 Robert

We're parked up, and in the entrance plaza!

09:44 Stretchy

We have funky entrance sign.

09:48 David

As always we would love to hear from you all. If there is anything in particular you would like us to cover, let us know.

Contact us through our community in order to leave feedback.

09:56 Stretchy

Posters around the entrance advertise tonight's event.

09:59 Stretchy

It seems that Thorpe have borrowed a Smiler Camera.

10:02 Stretchy

Some of our Thorpe Mania friends are at the front of the quite considerable queue lines.

10:02 Robert

It's time, we should be going through any minute...

10:08 David

There's a film set photo op as you enter.

10:09 Robert

We're going in!

10:09 Robert

Into the dome...

10:10 Robert

There are plenty of people queuing this morning!

10:10 Stretchy

Theming inside the dome.

10:11 Robert

We'll be braving Swarm backwards, first! We'll keep looking out for theming, though...

10:12 Robert

This will be my first time backwards, and with the billboard!

10:13 Robert

Turns out the backwards queue is closed, so maybe not!

10:25 Robert

Maybe we'll go backwards after all!

10:39 Robert

We've done Swarm backwards, now it's on to look at maze entrances! Not much theming around the rest of the park, perhaps it will improve this evening.

10:40 David

Here's our very own Farmer Boy, enjoying his first ride on The Swarm Backwards.

10:53 David

Where's the mazes?

11:05 Robert

Since we're going past, I haven't been on the rethemed 'X' yet!

11:05 Robert

Super secret things in the queue line!

11:05 Robert

That was Cabin in the Woods, apparently!

11:07 David

My Bloody Valentine is in the arena.

11:08 David

...and here's inside the gates.

11:11 David

...or is it My Bloody Valentine vs Experiment 10?

11:11 Robert

The Asylum!

11:12 Robert

Plenty of queue lines!

11:12 Robert

The screen shot is a little out of date!

11:14 David

The mazes are on the queue time board.

11:22 Robert

We're taking a small break to go on Stealth, food and more maze-spotting afterwards!

11:27 Robert

On second thoughts, with just one train moving the queue is too slow; we've gone to meet back up with Stretchy and get food now!

11:29 Robert

Just waiting for Stretchy. The growth on the volcano is very volcano-coloured.

11:30 Stretchy

You're next allegedly.

11:39 Stretchy

My Bloody Valentine queue has quite a lot speakers in the queue line.

11:40 Stretchy

Signage for MBV.

11:40 Stretchy

That's Mine.

11:55 Robert

While we dig in, we ask you: What scare attraction are you most looking forward to experiencing?

The Cabin in the Woods
My Bloody Valentine
Saw Alive
The Asylum
The Blair Witch Project
You're Next

11:58 Stretchy

Some MBV signage.

11:59 Stretchy

More signage.

12:20 Robert

That's Pizza Hut done with! You pay more but I do prefer their pizzas to those of Towers. Anyway, deciding what to do next...

12:41 David

Here's our first glimpse of The Blair Witch Project.

12:41 Robert

Can you spot the bloody hands on the window?

12:42 Robert

Extended shot of the BWP path behind the Nemesis Inferno exit path.

12:46 Robert

Waiting for the Fastrack of Nemesis Inferno, still only one train running unfortunately, like most of the rides today.

12:59 Robert

We're back at looking at mazes!

13:00 Robert


13:02 Robert

We've arrived at The Cabin in the Woods entrance!

13:03 Stretchy

Queue start for Asylum.

13:03 Robert

Extended queue...

13:04 Stretchy

Slammers not happening at the moment.

13:05 Stretchy

Blair Witch Tent of Doom awaits.

13:05 David

Here's the entrance to The Cabin in the Woods off in the distance.

13:05 Robert

Blair Witch queue board (obscured by shrub!)

13:06 Stretchy

Jeez that's a scary.... Urm... Station.

13:07 Robert

Don't forget, we'll be getting HD footage of The Blair Witch Project maze!

13:08 Stretchy

Blair Witch Kettle Leads, scary stuff coming soon.

13:08 David

Here's where you'll enter The Blair Witch Project walk through, making good use of the old railway station.

13:10 Stretchy

Forensic scientists at work in Logger's Leap. Obviously investigating strange deaths at Thorpe.

13:19 Robert

We're now checking out Saw and the surrounding area...

13:21 David

Flamethrowers for later.

13:45 Robert

Another scare maze we'll be going on later.

14:17 David

Here's some of the guys after a soaking on Storm Surge.

To answer some of your questions, there's not any extra themeing around the park, unlike previous years there is very little evidence that Fright Nights is actually happening, as all the mazes are hidden away now.

14:28 Robert

There's no music either, but hopefully this will all be remedied after dark!

14:31 Stretchy

This is the photo of the nerds getting wet referenced previously.

14:34 Stretchy

Hands in the window inside Blair Witch.

14:41 Robert

I have some media for you! Scary theme music for Samurai...

14:41 Robert

Just waiting for some nerds on Samurai...

14:48 Stretchy

Oooo Samurai is running well.

14:51 Stretchy

Slammer is being dismantled.

15:02 Robert

We've basically posted everything of interest about Fright Nights, so we'll continue wandering around the park for a bit and ride the rides until we're kicked out!

After which we'll be back this evening to take on the mazes!

15:15 David

Here's another flamethrower by The Swarm.

15:20 David

Right, we're taking a brief intermission, while we leave the park to go and put on our brave pants for the terror that ensues later.

Expect the updates to recommence around 6pm.

15:29 Robert

Don't go anywhere, we'll be back tonight!

(And we might upload some shots from earlier in the meantime, too!)

16:07 Stretchy

Flames at Swarm are looking good this evening.

16:12 Stretchy

Sandcastles on the beach are extremely cool and scary.

17:47 Robert

Quick status update! Chain pub dinner, and then we're back to the park! We hope to get there around 18:00...

18:02 Robert

We're back!

18:14 Robert

There's quite a queue to get back in! Apparently, Thorpe is expecting to hit capacity this evening, meaning we will likely not be able to get on all the mazes. If this happens, we will continue the Live tomorrow to get the bits we missed!

18:17 Robert

We, the nerds! We're not the only ones in fancy dress, but we're a rare breed all the same!

18:28 Robert

The new map!

18:30 David

Everybody is waiting just outside the Dome, there is some music playing in the distance. Not long now.

18:33 Robert

You're Next actors...

18:35 Robert

We're heading to... Cabin!

18:36 Robert

An idea of the current light levels...

18:38 Robert

This is is the current queue for Cabin in the Woods...

18:39 Robert

Inside the queue...

18:40 Robert

Down the queue...

18:40 David

To answer some of your queries. The park only closed this evening before the Fright Nights event, because it is the preview night.

For the rest of the event the park will remain open all day for the event.

18:41 Robert

If you have any further feedback or questions, please leave it here, we'll try to answer as many as possible!

Contact us through our community in order to leave feedback.

18:42 Robert

We've come to a stop!

18:46 Robert

Queue line actors harassing the people queuing!

18:48 Robert

A lone zombie thing...

18:50 Robert

We're nearly there!

18:52 Robert

Almost there...

19:14 Robert

While we wait for the recordings to upload, we're now waiting for Blair Witch!

19:14 Robert

On the other hand... They told us it won't be open for a while, so we're moving on...

19:17 Robert

Here's a recording of one half of our group on Cabin in the Woods!

19:17 Robert

We're queuing for Asylum instead!

19:20 Robert

We estimate around a 15–20 minute queue time for Asylum; we'll be recording it like we did for the previous maze!

19:20 Stretchy

Cabin in the woods my journey.

19:22 Stretchy

Cabin my review:

The scenery was excellent. The adherence to story line was also excellent. The acting was also astounding. The non train method was also brilliant. The problem was, there were too many people going through which meant there was no tension and no real scares even though the actors acted their hearts out. I think I really would like this maze on a quieter day.

19:25 David

Quick review of The Cabin in the Woods.

The themeing was very well done, you enter through the cabin, and you are faced with multiple doors to choose, once through you are bombarded with a load of different monsters and rooms.

The biggest difference about the maze is that it's 'free flow', no hands on shoulders, and the chances are you'll get split up and mingle with other groups, as the different monsters force you into different rooms at random.

The only real disappointments are, the great plot of the film, is lost in translation, and the ending is a bit anticlimactic. Having said this, there was a tonne of actors in there and it was genuinely fun and very different.

19:54 Robert

Meanwhile, we've enter the My Bloody Valentine queue (Asylum stuff coming soon!)

19:55 Robert

Asylum actor in the queue...

19:57 Robert

Here's an Asylum recording! The others will post reviews.

19:59 David

The Asylum Review...

As always The Asylum is consistent in theme, what stood out for me this year was the amount of actors inside, which seems far more than previously, who were all on top form, and the length of the maze seemed longer.

With all the other mazes being based on a film, I'm really happy that The Asylum has made the director's cut for Fright Nights again.

20:00 Robert

We've probably got 30–45 minutes in the MBV queue; we'll keep you posted!

20:01 Stretchy

Asylum: my review. This was my favourite maze at Thorpe.
Pros: it was considerably I longer than last year. There were more actors than last year.

Cons: There wasn't enough smoke. I didn't feel in the story.

All In all it was good but if seen it all before.

20:34 Robert

An actor in the MBV queue!

20:37 Robert

We're getting ever closer, perhaps the first estimate was a little on the low side.

20:37 Stretchy

While were in the extremely slow moving queue for My Bloody Valentine. I'll throw up some shots from earlier.
Whilst waiting to be allowed in the Your Next team attacked.

20:39 Stretchy

Also here's an actor from the Cabin queue.

20:40 Stretchy

More cabin actors, these actors really put a lot of effort into it.

20:41 Stretchy

And here in MBV queue that is still going slowly here's Jerry.

20:44 Stretchy

And this is his pet fence.

20:47 Robert

One of the queue line actors is chasing another; poor, poor thing...

20:59 Stretchy

My My Bloody Valentine walk.

21:00 Robert

Heading to BWP...

21:00 Stretchy

It seems that I am next. This actor has followed me half way across the park.

21:00 David

We've just got out of My bloody Valentine, an first impressions were impressive.

Themeing again was very good, lots of actors and a fair bit of segregation from the group.

21:04 Robert

Looks like a short queue here!

21:09 Robert

Not a great shot, but... Actor!

21:09 Robert

Well... That was the Blair Witch Maze, thoughts coming soon...

21:10 Robert

We were split up again in that maze! Here's my journey...

21:17 David

The Blair Witch Project was disappointing, the actual walking area was great, near pitch black in places, but it didn't capitalise on its potential.

There were a few actors who jumped out at you, which really goes against the whole theme of The Blair Witch.

21:19 Robert

Last one; Saw!

21:21 Robert

Or, rather, Saw Alive!

21:26 Robert

We've hit the end of the queue; it's probably only 20 minutes long or so.

21:27 Stretchy

Ok my review of MBV. It was well themed. The mines looked excellent. The Forrest was cool. But it was exactly the same layout as experiment 10. I also didn't see the film so I'm not sure I understood scenes.

21:27 Robert

Saw Alive theming you all know and love!

21:29 Stretchy

Blair witch:
It was a pleasant walk in the woods.

21:30 David

We're getting a few queries regarding queue times, here's a shot of the current ride times from the new Official Thorpe Park App.

The maze queues are relatively good at the moment. SAW Alive & My Bloody Valentine are both around 30 mins, Asylum is 15, Blair Witch is walk on and finally Cabin in the Woods is the longest with 60 mins.

21:32 Robert

Unfortunately we don't really have any videos to share today; although we did promise one for the Blair Witch Project, the ban of camera lights pretty much made the video pitch black (we'll have to bring an infrared lamp next time), and the audio was nonexistent since, because of the nature of the maze, there was little interaction between the actors and park guests.

Ultimately, The Blair Witch Project was an interesting maze (walkthrough?) but, I don't think it would really be possible to bring something with the feel of the original film unless you were deep inside a dark forest somewhere. With the screams and sounds of roller coasters nearby (and emergency lights just waiting to flicker on all down the line), the illusion was sort of lost!

21:33 Stretchy

This is the end room of Blair Witch. To be honest if you were the jumpy city type it would scare you, there were two ladies who caught me up and they were really scared. I grew up in the country and I like the dark.

21:35 Robert

Since David mentioned their new official app and the queue times; we have to say that we're quite pleased with it! It's been my first time using it at Thorpe, and it's a huge improvement on their previous offering.

21:35 David

More answers to your queries...

I can see the queues for the mazes being fairly long over the weekend, they've maxed out at about 60 mins tonight, but the majority of the time the waits have been less.

Cabin does let a fair few people in, at one time we had as little as three in our group, and then at other times there were around 15. The actors really do mix you up and direct you into different rooms at random, it was fairly hectic at times. Great fun.

21:46 Robert

We're out! Pretty much the same Saw Alive as usual, sorry but there's no recording this time!

21:49 David

SAW Alive is much the same as previous years. The actors did a good job, but the SAW theme doesn't feature that much anymore.

22:02 David

We've just gone through Blair Witch again, and it was better. The actors this time tried to use their sudden movements in the distance and around you to create the scares instead of just jumping out at you.

22:03 Robert

Must be some kind of driving game meets hacking game!

22:07 Stretchy

Blair witch symbols hanging in the trees.

22:08 Stretchy

Blair witch actress snuck up on us.

22:08 Robert

Here's the back of what we've been wearing today; it's good to show off the brand! ;-)

22:09 Stretchy

More Blair witch theming.

22:22 Robert

Well, that pretty much concludes today's coverage! We hope you enjoyed it like we did (more of the same please Thorpe), but don't forget; the fun isn't over just yet as we'll be back in two weeks at Alton Towers for the first day of their Scarefest! Just visit for details.

We won't be posting anymore updates now, but feel free to leave any additional feedback below (we won't be answering questions anymore, so post those on our community over at Towers Nerd instead).

Thanks again for tuning in, and see you in a fortnight!

Contact us through our community in order to leave feedback.

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