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Fright Nights 2014

This event has ended.

04:29 David

Well here we are again. The Halloween season is upon us, and yet again we are up far too early just to bring you the latest updates from the preview event of Fright Nights! (Well we might be there to have some fun as well!)

Updates will be coming through the day, so stay tuned! Until then happy sleeping.

07:25 Robert

The seven of us have now met up in Uttoxeter, and we're on our way! In the car we have David, Sam, 2 x Jon, Pete, Joss and myself.

08:49 Robert

It's time for the obligatory food stop! We expect to arrive at Thorpe at about 11.

10:12 Robert

Just waiting in the M25 car park!

10:50 Robert

We've finally arrived!

10:52 Stretchy

Morning everyone, we're finally here after a 40 minute wait on the M25 carpark.

10:56 Stretchy

Coaster was so excited that the door handle lost the will to live.

10:56 Robert

The entrance plaza!

11:00 Robert

Just about to go in, and now the rain is starting!

11:05 Robert

Shark Hotel entrance!

11:05 Robert

Inside the dome...

11:09 Stretchy

Entering the park.

11:14 Robert

First ride of the day — Colossus!

11:35 Robert

We'll be going on Slammer next. In the meantime, let us know if there's anything you'd like us specifically to cover! Of course, we'll be providing detailed coverage of Fright Nights later this evening.

Contact us through our community in order to leave feedback.

11:51 David

The Cabin awaits.

11:51 Stretchy

Blair witch awaits for later.

11:51 Stretchy

Maze signs point the way to the other mazes.

11:53 Stretchy

Not sure if these are nerds or scare actors. Quite scary anyway but there is a nice cabin poster behind them.

11:54 Stretchy

Anyone brave enough to face it alone.

11:55 Stretchy

Rib cage challenge for those who are feeling slightly peckish.

12:06 Stretchy

Time for a spot of lunch.

12:18 Robert

While we finish up, which scare maze are you most excited about for Thorpe Park this year?

SAW: Alive
My Bloody Valentine
The Cabin in the Woods
Studio 13
The Blair Witch Project

12:28 Robert

The rides are all lit up in front of the threatening sky!

12:28 Stretchy

Calypso is now backlot BBQ.

12:29 David

Studio 13 gates are closed for now, but shooting commences tonight.

12:29 Stretchy

The queue for studio 13 has an interdicted notice board.

12:31 Stretchy

Some construction going on behind studio 13 queue. Hmm what's going in there?

12:31 Robert

What terrors lie within MBV?

12:33 Robert

Something else to look forward to...

12:33 Stretchy

My bloody valentine awaits.

12:35 Robert

I've not been here before!

12:35 Robert

Someone looks angry...

12:36 Robert

We'll try the 4D cinema since it's starting to rain...

12:37 Robert

12:45 Robert

Well, it turns out the next showing of Angry Birds is not for another half hour, so we'll try the dodgems instead!

12:50 Stretchy

Time for the dodgems as the rain comes down.

12:54 Robert

Now we've avoided the rain on the dodgems, we'll go on Stealth!

12:58 Robert

Rita's better cousin.

12:59 Stretchy

We've bumped into Max and Dan from TPM, say 'Hi'.

13:17 Stretchy

Time for Angry Birds 4D.

13:28 Robert

Let's try again!

13:28 Robert

Well, that was a lot of fun! Basically just a recap of all the Rovio games, but better than I had imagined.

13:29 Robert

Teacups next!

13:30 Robert

To answer some questions, we've seen no Fright Nights theming yet other than what we've posted. We'll be sure to get plenty after dark, though!

13:32 Robert

Good, spinnin' fun!

13:53 Robert

Just been on Storm Surge, and now Depth Charge!

13:54 David

Time for a quick plunge in Depth Charge.

14:09 David

Here's some of the nerds on Depth Charge.

14:14 Robert

It's time for Swarm — almost walk-on!

14:15 Robert

They should get a charity fund set up to rebuild the church roof; we're getting wet!

14:29 Robert

Having fun on Swarm!

14:48 Robert

It's X, next!

14:49 Robert

And what a rave it was! Saw next.

14:52 Robert

Another thing we'll be going on later!

14:53 Stretchy

The car by Swarm seems to have moved.

14:55 Stretchy

Flame dooberries have been added to the top of the saw shop.

15:17 Robert

We survived another game with Jigsaw. Nemesis next, I think!

15:27 Robert

Ah yes, Nemesis' superior cousin.


15:30 Robert

After Nemesis Inferno, we'll be doing the Rapids, and then leaving the park.

But wait! There's more. We'll be back before 18:00 to take on the scare mazes. Along with pictures and videos, we expect our audio commentary to return as well. We can't wait!

15:35 Robert

Very soon...

15:44 Robert

The Blair Witch walk…

15:44 Robert

And the other direction!

15:49 Robert

It's looking quite rapid today!

15:58 Robert

Well, that's the Rapids done! We'll be headed out the park now, but remember; we'll be back in just a few short hours!

16:03 Robert

Until tonight!

16:25 Robert

While we relax in our Travelodge room before we go to dinner, let us know if there's anything specific you'd like to see! Of course, we'll cover anything Fright Nights-related we discover, have audio commentary of the mazes when possible, and provide detailed written reviews.

Contact us through our community in order to leave feedback.

17:23 Stretchy

Dinner is served.

17:54 Stretchy

Ok we're just waiting for pud so I'll upload a couple of pics of Blair Witch.

17:55 Stretchy

The side window of the hut. Is that blood I see?

17:56 Robert

The park reopens in five minutes… But we're still at the pub! Unfortunately more pressing issues like our free deserts demand our attention.

17:57 Stretchy

Bit of construction.

18:07 Robert

And... We're back!

18:17 Robert

And there's the queue!

18:19 Robert

Just waiting for the rest to catch up with us VIPs...

18:19 Stretchy

Park map modelled by some beautiful people.

18:19 Stretchy

Scary ladies.

18:25 David

We've just paid a visit to the Shark Hotel. #mood lighting

18:33 Stretchy

Bumped into Nick Hutson and Matt from Yorkshire. Season Pass is here.

18:36 David

The Thorpe Park skyline is lit up for the night.

18:36 Robert

Except for the occasional coloured light, there's not much atmosphere at the moment!

18:39 Robert

And our first maze is… Studio 13!

18:45 Robert

Only kidding! It's My Bloody Valentine.

18:46 Stretchy

Merlin mood lighting hits Thorpe.

18:47 Stretchy

Press area, spot the famous people, win a teddybear (note no teddy can be won from this post).

18:55 Robert

We're getting through mazes so quickly, it's Studio 13 next — what you've all been waiting for!

18:56 Robert

The entrance…

18:56 Robert

My Bloody Valentine walkthrough.

18:59 Robert

Ugh, the rain...

19:00 Robert

Review of MBV while we wait for Studio 13: Pretty much the same as last year, but no 'individual experience room' like there used to be. Went through pretty quickly to be honest, and not really that great. Hopefully S13 can impress!

19:07 Stretchy

So My Bloody Valentine review.
Spoilers ahead.

Very similar to last year. But it does have far better lighting. One of my problems with last years was that you couldn't see all the thematic effort. This year lights lit up key scenes much better. You saw the coal effects of the second section. You saw the boiler room in detail. Also there were significantly more actors.

19:10 Robert

People are going in...

19:23 Robert

Studio 13 review: Like Asylum, but in Pete's words, "More better looking actresses."

Basically it's broken Asylum up a bit more and made it more varied. Pretty good overall!

19:24 Robert

It's Cabin in the Woods, next!

19:27 David

My first impressions of Studio 13 is that it's very similar to Asylum. The main difference is that there are defined scenes, such as make-up, costume and scenes from the movie 'The Motel'.

It was a bit low on scares, but has huge potential as a successor for Asylum. Think of it as an evolution of the maze and not a replacement.

19:29 Robert

Studio 13 walkthrough!

19:32 Robert

The Cabin...

19:33 Robert

Studio 13 thugs wander around the maze!

19:43 Stretchy

My audio of studio 13, live commentary and verbal review.

19:52 Robert

Special effects on the cabin inside queue area.

19:56 Robert

Cabin in the Woods… Part 1!

19:58 Robert

The crew are boarding Samurai, unfortunately it has to have more people on to rise so they're pleading with passers by!

20:00 Robert

Part 2 of my walkthrough coming soon!

Cabin review: My favourite maze so far. It's very varied and there are lots of actors. Someone mentioned that it would be quite different this year, but it didn't appear to be — still, I quite enjoyed it!

Just two attractions remain now; Saw Alive and Blair Witch.

20:08 Robert

The Cabin in the Woods: Part 2!

20:09 Robert

Saw Alive now!

20:11 Robert

Unfortunately, we've lost one of our members, Stretchy, to the abyss. Maybe he was taken by his "friend" he met last year on MBV (whom we just saw!) Either way, if you see him, tell him we're queuing for Saw: Alive!

20:16 Robert

Samurai does look good in the dark!

20:23 Robert

Still waiting for Saw...

20:36 Robert

We've found Stretchy again! Ripped back, away from the abyss towards the world of the living...

20:38 Robert

If you've been on Saw before, you know what to expect! Above average.

20:39 Robert

It's time to meet the Blair Witch!

20:41 Robert

Down the path...

20:43 Robert

It's pitch black...

20:43 Robert


20:44 Robert

A campfire… if you can tell!

20:45 Robert

Scary green lights!

20:49 Robert

The Blair Witch Project is a little better than last year. A video of the finale is on its way!

20:59 Robert

The final part of the Blair Witch!

21:24 David

Now that we've done all the Fright Nights attractions here's my brief run down.

SAW Alive - Much the same as last year, the majority of the SAW theme is lost with only a few actors staying in their 'victim' role. 6/10

My Bloody Valentine - This maze has seen some improvements this year, the lighting is a bit better, allowing you to see some of the details. Also the Harry miner character was used throughout this year, which is better. Unfortunately on our run, the introduction felt rushed and the story was lost. 7/10

The Cabin in the Woods - This was my favourite maze last year, and this year it keeps the fun format, with a slightly modified route. Again the story of the film is lost in translation, but there was more variety of monsters this year. 8/10

Blair Witch Project - there is a definite improvement this year, the route is a bit more varied and the finale actually has some good effects and scares in. Unfortunately the movie again is lost, due to the majority of actors relying on 'jump' scares, which doesn't fit the theme. 6/10

Studio 13 - As I said earlier, this is more of an evolution of Asylum, which is no bad thing. On our second run through, there was a notable improvement. The throughput has picked up and the actors were on form. If there is one criticism it is that the flow through the maze is a little slow paced. 9/10

21:31 Robert

Exiting the Studio 13 scare maze!

21:33 Stretchy

Cabin walkthrough.

21:34 Robert

Relaxing with some nerds now as we wait for the others to do some re-rides of the mazes. It's been a good day!

22:25 Stretchy

Blair witch review.

Ok... I grew up in the country. Walking in a forest isn't scary. It's relaxing. It's calming. I am sure I said all this last year. To be honest it has significantly improved from last year. But needs more work. The actors though really tried.

22:47 Robert

These free drinks are great!

23:17 Robert

And that's it, we hope you've enjoyed our coverage!

Remember to tune in next week on Saturday at for Scarefest footage. Until then, good bye!

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